Open Water Diver PADI / SSI in Marseille



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GET CERTIFIED! Discover scuba diving with the most famous certification in the world! Becoming an SSI or PADI Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure and get a certification with worldwide recognition! This certification is complete and is going to give you a qualification. You’re going to have fun, learning how to scuba dive! Thanks to its complete programme, you will be quickly comfortable with scuba diving and feel good in the underwater world. At the end of your course, you will have the capacities to scuba dive with your partner to a depth of 18 meters under water. Your certification, with a lifetime validity, is recognized everywhere in the world. You can scuba dive in Marseille, Florida, Spain, Egypt, Indonesia, or Thailand…

Who can enroll in the Open Water Diver course?

The Open Water course is for everyone! For everyone who wants to begin scuba diving and learn how to go underwater in any sea in the world. The course will give you all the skills you need to discover the sea beds to a depth of 18 meters. It is designed to be enjoyable and the gradual and positive learning process will make you confident. The course content is standardized and the different stages will be the same whether you are in the Maldives, Marseille, the Bahamas or Egypt. And if you like to travel, your scuba diving level and your prerogatives will be immediately recognized, whatever where you go.

What can an Open Water Diver do?

After your certification you will be authorized to dive down to 20 meters with a dive master and to dive down to 18 meters with a partner.

What is the contents of your Open Water courses?

Your course is both theoretical and practical. You are going to learn the basis of scuba diving over 6 scuba dive sessions. At the beginning, you are going to stay at a low depth. Then, you will go gradually deeper under the strict supervision of your scuba instructor. It is a « step by step » method to discover scuba diving in a smooth and gentle way.


What are the prerequisites to enroll on this dive course?

There are no prerequisites for the PADI /SSI Open Water Diver and the Junior Open Water Diver courses, apart from being able to swim. You just need a swimsuit and a towel. All the dive gear and educational material is provided by DUNE Marseille.


Age: 12 years old and above for the Junior Open Water Diver course. Parental approval is required for minors under 18.

You’ll need a Medical Statement from a GP to say you are fit to dive.

The price includes: 6 technical dives, cylinders (air), weights, all the required equipment, the educational material and the certification.

Are you going to opt for the SSI ou PADI certification? This is your choice!

This course is available everyday all year round.


Open Water Diver PADI / SSI courses in Marseille (Provence, France) with DUNE.